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Sora 2 by arekupacific Sora 2 by arekupacific
Yes, I didn't know wich version to upload, so I submit both of them XD It's a fast drawing (lately I only do fast works -__- ) but I wanted you to have a good look at his face XD 'Cause you know, this guy has lived for 7 long years in my head so he developed a really strong and complex personality... I hope one day I'll introduce him properly ^^ I'll start writing down his story and drawing some parts of it!
Hope you like him !! ;)

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lazzapepper Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
davvero bello!! ma tipo sora ispirato a quello di FF?!
arekupacific Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Grazie! ^^
Be il nome lo stesso, ma non ispirato a quella serie. Ma mi piace molto come nome!
Kurairan Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
nice! xD i really wanna know this handsome guy's story! xD
7 really is a long time when we're young xD god. i do have a character in my head for some years too...since the 5th book of harry potter got out xD cause that character was inspired on the description of the thesthrals(i thinks is written this way... xD) =P it's my Beauty x3 that doesn't have a name yet...oo poor little guy...
xD but now in a closer look i have to add, i like his eyes too xD
arekupacific Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks again!! Yes yes I'll tell you his story little by little :D (yup I'm happy, my eldest son got noticed, yay!!! XDD)
Yes it' s a reeeally long time XD Mmm I don't thing I get it, what are those "thesthrals"? I'm not a good fan of Harry Potter, I've seen the movies and loved them all, but that universe is so complex and I don't remember a lot of things! XD
Have you made any works of it? ^^ Names are not simple at all, my poor Sora had an unnamed best friend for years XD Then one day the perfect name popped out in my mind XD
Oh the eyes are my favourite part, I love drawing them! They are supposed to show a lot about the character's personality and soul, I don't know how much expressive they are for now, but I sure focused a lot on them! So thanks again! ^^
Kurairan Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
xD ahah you're eldest son is sexy xD ahah
...god..Thestrals are so awesome that i can't pick one image xD [link]
i loved to read those books, and even if i don't remember quite well the story, while seeing the movie with my bro and mom i kept saying to them in some parts: ...but this didn't happen in this place after that happened and before they did that ? ^o)" they answer "no, that's from the other movie, from another part" minutes later it was happening exactly what i said it would xD god i laughed so hard xD
yes i did ^^ this is the chibi version xD [link]
and here is the more serious one (completed xD cause the first drawings i made of him were never completed xD )
...ok...just discovered that i don't have any fullbody drawing of his xD ahahah shame on me, but here's one of his pics x3 i just love him so OO

god i have this guy in my head for so long and it hasn't yet popped any fitting name in my mind =P

yes mine too OO i love drawings eyes x3 as u say, they show a lot about the character, i've done so in these series of drawings
[link] i love this dragon xD such a scary grin x3
[link] this one not as much...but was cool doing it too x3
[link] this one was the first i've made x3 naruto fever made me try drawing those kind of scary mouth and eyes feature from kyuubi xD

i really liked the way u made them x3 i looks like he has a few secrets xD actually looks like someone made him a personal questions he doesn't want to answer so he's with that little smile and lookin least is what it looks to me...but at the same time has this charm...and maybe a little devious look.. xD this is fun xD
arekupacific Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh I remember them now!! (and I've just seen them in tv now, my mom and brother are watching harry potter again XD ) Hahaha that always happens when you read the book first! Not to mention what happened when i've seen the eragon movie... -__-

Yup those are very intersting creatures!! Oh the second version is so cool! You should do a full body drawing!!

Mmm and it's not exactly a pet so names for such creatures are difficult... I have a dragon (wich is my main character's best friend) and it hasn't got a name either XD

Oh god all of them are really cool and scary too! XDD I guess those creatures are supposed to be scary, but all my dragons seem so good XD One good friend of mine said that they look like cats! XD lizard-cats! (lol for new species XD)

Hahaha this is the best psychological insight one could ever do! Great I have someone who understands my dear son, that's awesome XD Yes he has some secrets and when he puts up that face one should never trust him XD But knows how to use his charm to divert people...and uses that clever mind of his to always get what he wants. He's the kind of people to see things before others do and use this for his own purpose ( by the way, he loves betting about random things, and losses to anyone XD) but still he's a very kind hearted boy ^^
Kurairan Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
i know the feeling xD is such a disapointment some times =P
eragon i didn't saw the movie...but i don't think i wanna xD there's a scene in my head OO when Safira breaks the mithrill rose(...i think is called this way? never remember those strange names xD in fact right now i have a block and can't remember if it was a huge ruby or saphire or what it was xD shame on me!) with Aria on her back OO i can see this scene in slow motion, all the little shards of the stone falling slowly as Safira opens her mouth and expires fire...meanwhile a rock music or something really cool along with this awesome scene that would change the angle a few times...oh so awesome in my head each time i remember and read it xD

yes i'll do one x3 i just love him so much OO
it's hard to choose names xD

so cute species! i have to see those xD mine usually are so....nhac nhac...xD i don't like most of them, but i love this one xD yes they were supposed to be sacry xD i got the idea while an history of arts class xD ahahah as usual. made the first hell hound, and then made the hell cat and thought OO why not a series OO of hell! OO xD

xD hahahah is awesome xD i'm loving him even more! xD
so naughty boy xD but since he's also a kind hearted boy i'll forgive him x3 (not that he really need any forgiven xD)
arekupacific Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't remember the name but if I think it was a ruby XD Yes that is an amazing scene... so don't worry, the movie is not worth it. You could have done such a better movie of it!! XD Paolini is a bit disappointed too I suppose... I mean, seriously, Safira has feather wings in the movie!! When the books describes oh so many times the almost trasparent membrane and blue veins...

Oh an entire "hell series" ! Sounds fun!! XDD But for real, those could be very nice illustrations... of some book with scary tales XD

Hahahah he'd be happy to hear that XDD Ugh I really want to draw some episode of his life now XDD
Kurairan Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
oh my god! seriously?! feathers?! where the hell did the diractor had his head?! OO no one changes dragon's wings's membranes for feather like that! fuckin idiot x.
since i say that Arya(i think is written this way ^o)) was blond in the movie...i won't say anything more xD sounds interesting...--) ihihihi i'll think about it xD ahah i just have to think about cool tales x3

ahahahah xD then you should then xD ahah i want to see xD i want to see xD
arekupacific Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
yes I know... very disappointing... and I think I even went at the cinema to see it -__-
Saphira looked cute as a cub, very nice animations, but when she got older, it looked like a hen to me XDD
look [link] .... they tried to make them look like scales, but c'mon...those are feathers....
Mm I don't remember about Arya but I think she had dark hair in the movie... But Eragon was blond. Very cute :) But blond :( In the book he clearly has brown hair -_-

I don't know why, but I'm quite sure you could write some cool creepy tales XD

Ok then I will!! >__< For you my friend!! :D
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